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Find and replace text in files - batch text replacement software utility for Windows.Batch search and replace in text files an MS Word documents.(MSWord 2000 or later must be installed).Batch search and replace in MS Word text, headers/footers, hyperlinks.Batch search and replace in folder and subfolders.Supports projects to save the search and replace session's settings.Find and replace (multistring) text bloks, whole words, "enclosed blocks", Html tags and attributes.Replace, delete, insert before.., insert after.. operationsThe fragments (objects) are:1. Text (multistring) bloks 2. Whole lines 3. Whole words 4. "Enclosed" blocks 5. HTML tags and attributes 6. Wildcards in MS Word documents 7. Headers/footers, footnotes/endnotes, text frames in MS Word.The operations are:1. Replace2. Delete3. Insert before..4. Insert after..For HTML tags also:5. Change attributes6. Delete attributes7. Add attributes8. To upper/to lower case9. Delete tag (and /or/nor text inside tag)For MS Word:1. Replace text2. Replace text > 255 length3. Replace multil-line text with special characters. Just select-copy multil-line text with special characters in MS Word window and paste it in table field. Special characters will be converted in ^p, ^t etc automatically.4. Replace using MSWord wildcards.5. Replace hyperlinks6. Replace in headers/footers, text frames etc.Search and replacement patterns are stored in the string grid. You can drag-n-drop patterns from the built-in editor to the string grid. The string grid can store multiline patterns.Also additional operations available:- create Index file list in the current directory - convert text files into html (with the syntactic highlighting for sources files)- delete zero size filesOther features:1. BackUp managment2. Folders history3. Projects managment4. Import in search/replace grid from text files5. Multilanguage support6. UTF8 support

Systems: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Millennium, Windows XP

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